Rigid bottle compound
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DESCRIPTION: A transparent, tin stabilised, medium/high impact bottle compound containing a UV absorber.

APPLICATIONS: This compound is suitable for blow moulding containers for packaging a wide variety of materials, including foodstuffs. Generally bottles or jars of up to 1.5 litres in capacity may be produced using this compound. This compound may also be used to extrude profiles and tubes.

COLOUR: Normally transparent, either Water White or Blue Tint to suit the customer’s requirement. The same compound is also available in opaque colours as required.

TOXICITY: The free VCM content of this compound is less than 1ppm and all the ingredients used in its manufacture are certified by their suppliers as having EU 2002/72 approval for use in contact with foodstuffs.


Colour Specific gravity
Vicat ºC
Product from
Transparent & other 1.34 78 Pellets


Please note that the above figures are typical values and do not constitute any part of a product specification. It should also be noted that the impact strength of a bottle is heavily influenced by the nature of contents, as well as the bottle design itself.

In each case the compound user should establish the correct grade for a particular application.