Rigid clear extrusion compound – Water white
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DESCRIPTION: A transparent, tin stabilised, medium-high impact, profile, or hollow section extrusion compound formulated for interior use. The material does contain a UV stabiliser for protection against fluorescent lighting.

COLOUR: Water-White transparent. The same base is available in other transparent tints and opaque colours as required.

TOXICITY: The free VCM content of this compound is less than 1ppm and all the ingredients used in its manufacture are certified by their suppliers as having EU 2002/72 approval for use in contact with foodstuffs.


Property Test Method Units
Specific gravity BS2782 620A g/cc 1.34
Vicat softening point BS2782 (B50) 1990 120B ° C 69


Please note that the above figure is a typical value and does not constitute any part of a product specification.
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