Purging Compounds

The use of purging compounds is critical within the manufacturing process for quick colour or material grade changes. Purging compounds also play an essential role in the maintenance of extruding or injection moulding machines to avoid long term damage.

Dugdale have been a purging compound supplier for decades, we understand the importance that a purging compound can play in reducing cleaning downtime, scrap and stoppage time and so we have developed purging compounds suitable for all processes. Our universal purging compounds act as both extrusion and injection moulding purging compounds and are available for rigid, flexible, and non-PVC materials. 

More details about each of our purging compounds can be found below but our Technical Experts are always happy to discuss your specific requirements to help select the right PVC purge solution for you.


DuCaFreeze compound meets broader temperature performance requirements and eliminates the need to strip dies for cleaning.

Using new generation stabiliser technology we have creat... More info...

Rigid purge compound

DESCRIPTION: A stabilised extrusion-purging compound. This material is highly stabilised and lubricated to enable it to also be used as a ‘sleeping’ material for machine shut downs... More info...


DuCaPurge was created by Dugdale in response to customer desire for a universal purging compound. DuCaPurge is not only a purging material for injection moulding but a purging comp... More info...