Welcome to Dugdale 

Dugdale Ltd are part of the BENVIC Group.  BENVIC is an international group and long-standing leader in compounding who create sustainable, innovative and eco-responsible solutions.

Since its inception in 1896, Dugdale has evolved into a premier PVC manufacturer in the UK, boasting a rich heritage and extensive expertise in developing, manufacturing, and supplying PVC resin.

As a specialised PVC polymer manufacturer, Dugdale excels in PVC resin innovation, positioning itself as the ideal collaborator to address your PVC plastic challenges. Whether tailoring bespoke PVC compounds to your specifications or offering solutions from our standard PVC compound range, we are committed to meeting your PVC resin needs.

Our high-quality PVC compounds cater to diverse production processes like injection moulding, extrusion, and blow moulding, serving a wide array of markets

From the initial PVC plastic enquiry to large-scale PVC resin production, our comprehensive support spans technical and commercial assistance at every stage. This includes:

  • Reviewing the initial PVC plastic specifications
  • Identifying a compound from our standard range or developing specific PVC compounds for your requirements
  • Colour matching the PVC resin to your branding or chosen colour
  • Producing sample materials on our dedicated pilot line
  • Testing of the PVC plastic materials on your machines
  • Production manufacturing of the qualified PVC resin
  • Scheduling and logistics support.

For more insights into Dugdale as a leading PVC resin manufacturer and the technical prowess we bring to our customers, we would love you to get in touch. Call the team on 01422 832501 or email sales@dugdalepvc.com to discuss how Dugdale can help fulfil your PVC resin requirements.

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