RSB Grievances

Dugdale has a Grievance Procedure in line with RSB policies and procedures as a Participating operator under the RSB Advanced Products certification scheme.

This process is to raise any complaints or grievances against Dugdale's implementation of RSB policies and procedures and relating to certification. Grievances will be handled in a timely, comprehensive, consistent, transparent, and effective manner.

Submitting a grievance

Before submitting a grievance, we recommend reviewing the RSB Grievance Procedure.

If you still wish to submit a grievance please contact us using the following email:      

Please include the following information:

  • Basic information about yourself / your organisation
  • Details about the grievance
  • Evidence to support the grievance
  • Expected outcomes, including alternatives for resolution of the dispute
  • Evidence of steps already taken to resolve the grievance directly

You may request anonymity.

You will receive a written acknowledgement of your grievance with 5 working days.

The issue will be investigated, recorded and responded to.