Situated in West Yorkshire, UK, Dugdale, an esteemed PVC granules manufacturer within the Benvic Group, has been at the forefront of PVC granules development and production since 1959. With a dedicated technical team leading industry developments, Dugdale's reputation as a PVC granules manufacturer is exceptional. The success is rooted in applied scientific expertise, efficient manufacturing, innovative marketing, and stellar customer service.

Dugdale continually invests in research and development, and leading edge PVC granules manufacturing processes that address future trends, legislations, and customer challenges. These investments include efficient manufacturing equipment, a New Product Development team, testing facilities, and a dedicated pilot line.

As a PVC supplier, Dugdale not only offers a standard range of PVC compounds but also craft bespoke solutions for diverse markets such as medical, leisure, automotive, building, and construction. Dugdales’s focus on PVC allows customers to take advantage of the concentrated expertise which can maximise cost-effectiveness, performance, and environmental benefits.

Dugdale goes beyond being a typical PVC supplier; they are recognised as an authoritative voice in the industry, differentiating themselves by sponsoring key PVC events, collaborating with the British Plastics Federation, and contributing to relevant Parliamentary Reviews.

For insights into Dugdale's capabilities as a PVC compound supplier, give the team a call to discuss your PVC polymer plastic requirements.

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