Polyvinyl Chloride Compounds (PVC Compounds)

Naturally, PVC suppliers need to understand PVC compounds, but at Dugdale, it is so much more than just an understanding. Our core technical team has over 150 years of combined development and manufacturing experience of polyvinyl chloride compounds. This PVC compound knowledge is essential as we are called upon to create over 50 new formulations per month. 

Our depth of technical PVC compounding knowledge is what sets us apart from other PVC companies. We have successfully developed our own range of Rigid, Flexible, high-performance and, purging PVC compounds which have a great reputation within the market as well as developing thousands of bespoke PVC compounds to meet our customer’s unique challenges. 

Our standard range of PVC compounds offers polyvinyl chloride compounds suitable for all plastic production processes, including injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion. The applications in which our PVC compounds are used is continuously growing across an ever increasing range of industries including those that have very specific needs such as healthcare or construction.

The advantage of working with Dugdale as your PVC compound supplier is that we can utilise all the knowledge that we have acquired over decades in your products providing you with a confidence that is not always possible from other PVC companies.

Please take a look through our PVC compound product ranges via the links below and should you have any questions, whether technical or commercial, please do not hesitate to give the team a call to discuss your requirements on 01422 832501. We would be happy to help.