Wood Polymer Compounds - WPC Compounds

Wood Polymer compounds (or WPC compounds) are composite materials made of wood flour/wood fibre and thermoplastics such as PVC. Wood Polymer is used on decorative and structural applications where mould, rot and decay are issues for traditional wood.

Whilst WPC compounds cannot compete with solid wood in terms of environmental impact it can be an environmentally friendly alternative to 100% plastic in some applications.

Dugdale’s compound portfolio contains both WPC compounds blown (WPB compounds), to provide a low density wood type section, and WPC compounds unblown, for more structural products. The Dugdale team are always happy to talk through your requirements so if you would like to know more about our range of wood polymer compounds (WPC compounds) then just give us a call.


Wood Polymer Compound (Blown)

Description : A wood polymer composite (WPC) which contains wood and a blowing agent to provide a low density wood like section.

Application : General Purpose profiles and "wood" ... More info...

Wood Polymer Compound (Unblown)

Description : A wood polymer composite (WPC) which contains wood, unblowing for more "structural" products.

Application : Unblown general purpose profiles and "wood" replacement p... More info...