Window & Ancillaries

From rigid main frame materials supplied in bespoke colours to trims, beads and flexible windows gaskets (both co-extrusion and post calibrator extrusion), Dugdale have decades of experience in this area and provide essential collaborative technical service in this demanding market sector.

Rigid extrusion compound – White

DESCRIPTION: Calcium/zinc stabilised, medium impact, satin finish, easy processing extrusion compound. As such this material meets the provisions of the RoHS and WEEE Directives ... More info...

Rigid injection moulding compound – Rain Water

DESCRIPTION: A calcium/zinc stabilised injection-moulding compound for indoor and external applications.

APPLICATIONS: A general purpose compound suitable for a variety of mould... More info...


Dugdale's DuCaSeal gasket PVC compounds are used for co-extrusion applications.

We offer PVC nitrile gasket material compounds with attractive cost performance profiles aimed at c... More info...

Intumescent PVC Materials

PVC materials that can be used to produce seals that expand in fire conditions to prevent the passage of toxic fumes and smoke have been launched by Dugdale plc, manufacturer of ... More info...

Ancillary Injection Moulding

Description : A Calcium Zinc stabilised, medium impact, very easy flow injection moulding compound.

Application : General Purpose applications including mouldings for the construc... More info...