Flexible PVC compounds

Flexible PVC, or soft PVC, is considered a high performing mechanical material due to the technical benefits it delivers. Flexible PVC compounds are created through the addition of plasticizer to the base PVC compound to create a flexible PVC compound that is incredibly versatile and cost effective. Its main uses are for tubing, injection mouldings and PVC flexible extrusions.

In addition to the technical benefits of flexible PVC, it can also have aesthetic strengths. Dugdale’s flexible PVC compounds are customisable in terms of colour and appearance so we can produce colour, opaque or transparent flexible PVC compounds to match your product requirements.

All of our flexible PVC compounds, including our critical medical PVC compounds, have been successfully utilised in a broad spectrum of markets. Working with such a variety of industries has provided us with a depth of knowledge as a flexible PVC compound manufacturer which is rivalled by few. Such experience in PVC applications and manufacturing, provides our customers with confidence in our flexible PVC compounds right from the outset of their project. 

The following list is just some examples of where our flexible pvc compounds have been employed; flexible extrusion, cable insulation, electrical cables, packaging, packaging film, sheathing, footwear, wire coating, tubing, transparent low-toxicity PVC tubing, industrial strip doors, automotive profiles, gaskets, fabric coating, intumescent seals, technical articles, medical PVC compound devices and flooring tiles.

Our standard range of flexible PVC compounds satisfies most flexible PVC product requirements as it includes intumescent compounds as well as nitrile gasket material, all of which can be produced in black, natural, coloured and transparent flexible PVC compounds but we also have an excellent reputation for our capability to produce custom flexible PVC compounds for any unique technical requirements. 

Should this be of interest to you then please do contact our team who would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can support you or if you have any questions on our standard range of flexible PVC compounds then just call us on 01422 832501.

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