High Performance Plastic

We manufacture a range of standard high performance plastic PVC compounds including intumescent materials to produce seals that expand in fire conditions, non-lead PVC compounds with superior qualities to their lead counterparts, negative temperature coefficient compounds for NTC cables and antibacterial PVC compounds to meet the ever growing need to reduce the growth of harmful organisms. 

We believe that we established a lead over our competitors when we offered non-lead versions of all our PVC grades, including high performance plastic PVC compounds, ahead of the 2015 voluntary commitment to phase out the use of lead stabilisers in PVC compounds. We created several new injection moulding and extrusion materials, for both flexible and rigid application areas, including our DuCaVin lead-free PVC which we developed in conjunction with the building product industry.

Being a PVC Manufacturer at the forefront of creating PVC compounds has provided us with an in-depth knowledge in this field so talk to us about bespoke non lead PVC, high performance plastic compounds for your PVC needs or about how we can help you to optimise the use of non-lead PVC materials in your business from processing and tool design to recycling waste.

Should you have any questions about our range of high performance plastics then please contact our team who will be more than happy to discuss your specific project high performance PVC compound requirements.

Intumescent PVC Materials

PVC materials that can be used to produce seals that expand in fire conditions to prevent the passage of toxic fumes and smoke have been launched by Dugdale plc, manufacturer of ... More info...

NTC Negative temperature coefficient compounds


Dugdale’s NTC negative temperature coefficient compounds can not only produce thinner and lower cost electric cables but critically sense 'hot spots' and shut down electrical sy... More info...

DuCaSeal PVC Gasket Material

Dugdale’s DuCaSeal gasket PVC compounds have attractive cost performance profiles. We have solutions for both static and dynamic gasket PVC applications available.

Our gasket PVC... More info...


Our range of flexible and rigid PVC compounds, branded as DuCaVin ABC, are part of our expanding portfolio of high performance compounds. Developed in partnership with SteriTouch®... More info...

DuCaVin lead-free
DuCaVin lead-free

We worked in partnership with major UK building product manufacturers to create and achieve approvals for a range of calcium zinc (CaZn) injection moulding compounds for building... More info...