PVC Blow moulding

Plastic blow moulding is essentially a manufacturing process where air is blown into a mould to create hollow plastic components.

There are a number of plastics used in blow moulding, one of which is PVC. The blow moulding polymers are melted down and formed into a parison (a tube-like piece of plastic with a hole in one end which compressed air can pass through). After the parison is clamped into a mould, air is blown in pushing the plastic out to the shape of the mould. Once cooled and hardened the mould opens and the part can be ejected from the mould.

Dugdale produces PVC blow moulding compounds for use in medium and high impact PVC applications as well as for chemical resistant PVC applications (i.e. resistant from chemical attack). 

Take a look through our range of blow moulding PVC materials where hopefully you will find a solution to your blow moulding plastic requirements. Should you need a PVC compound that requires a different specification from our current range of compounds, we can develop a custom plastic blow moulding compound for you, just talk to the team.

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