PVC Blow moulding

Plastic blow moulding is a dynamic manufacturing process, and PVC is a key player in this arena. At Dugdale, we are experts in crafting PVC blow moulding compounds, used to shape hollow plastic components.

The process involves melting down blow moulding materials and transforming them into a parison—a tube-like structure with an opening for compressed air to pass through. Once the parison is secured in a mould, air is injected, moulding the plastic to the desired shape. After cooling and solidifying, the mould opens, allowing the final product to be ejected.

Dugdale produces PVC blow moulding compounds designed for medium and high-impact PVC applications, as well as those requiring chemical resistance. Our compounds are tailored to withstand chemical attacks, ensuring durability and reliability in various settings. 

Explore our range of blow moulding PVC materials to discover solutions for your specific requirements. If your project demands a PVC compound with unique specifications beyond our existing offerings, our team is ready to collaborate and develop a custom plastic blow moulding compound that precisely meets your needs. Your vision, our expertise.

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