Rigid PVC compounds

Rigid PVC, rigid uPVC (unplasticized PVC) or PVCu has many technical benefits, it is strong, durable, and stable with good thermal properties. It aligns itself to a wide range of applications due to it being low cost, usable both indoors and externally (due to its resistance to corrosion), easy to bond with glue, adhesive or solvents and can be produced in different colours and finishes. These attributes make PVC one of the most frequently used plastic to be extruded. 

Dugdale has an accomplished reputation as a rigid PVC compound manufacturer. This standing is a direct result of the successful use of Dugdale’s rigid PVC compounds in a wide variety of industries and applications.

Dugdale’s standard range of DuCaVin rigid PVC compounds have been used in many products -  clear and coloured profiles, roofing sheets, packaging, bottles, containers, window frames and accessories, conduits, trunking, roller shutters, curtain track, tile edge trim, cellular skin, pipes, tubes, cavity closers, rainwater fittings, electrical plugs and sockets, computer housings and technical mouldings.

This list of applications in which Dugdale’s rigid PVC compounds are used is constantly growing and with it Dugdale’s prominence in the market as a rigid PVC manufacturer.

Dugdale’s experience with rigid PVC compounds greatly benefits customers as the team’s depth of knowledge of developing and producing rigid PVC compounds can be applied to other industries and applications. This know-how is also used to identify future requirements so that we can design our rigid PVC compound roadmap going forward to meet our customer’s future needs.

Should you have specific requirements or demands of a rigid PVC compound then talk to our team as we are experts in developing and producing bespoke compounds for speciality rigid PVC applications.

Give the Dugdale team a call to discuss your rigid PVC compound requirements on 01422 832501.

Rigid extrusion compound – White

DESCRIPTION: Calcium/zinc stabilised, medium impact, satin finish, easy processing extrusion compound. As such this material meets the provisions of the RoHS and WEEE Directives ... More info...

Rigid extrusion compound – black

DESCRIPTION: A calcium/zinc stabilised, medium impact, satin finish extrusion compound.

APPLICATION: This compound may be used for a variety of general-purpose applications, and... More info...

Rigid bottle compound

DESCRIPTION: A transparent, tin stabilised, medium/high impact bottle compound containing a UV absorber.

APPLICATIONS: This compound is suitable for blow moulding containers for... More info...

Rigid clear PVC extrusion compound – Water white

DESCRIPTION: A tin stabilised, medium-high impact, profile, or hollow section clear extrusion compound formulated for interior use. The material contains a UV stabiliser for prot... More info...

Rigid clear extrusion compound – Blue tint

DESCRIPTION: A transparent, tin stabilised, medium-high impact, profile, or hollow section extrusion compound formulated for interior use. The material does contain a UV stabilis... More info...

Rigid injection moulding compound – Rain Water

DESCRIPTION: A calcium/zinc stabilised injection-moulding compound for indoor and external applications.

APPLICATIONS: A general purpose injection moulding compound suitable for... More info...

DuCaVin lead-free
DuCaVin lead-free

We worked in partnership with major UK building product manufacturers to create and achieve approvals for a range of calcium zinc (CaZn) injection moulding compounds for building... More info...

Intumescent PVC Materials

PVC materials that can be used to produce seals that expand in fire conditions to prevent the passage of toxic fumes and smoke have been launched by Dugdale plc, manufacturer of ... More info...