Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is one of the prime processes for producing plastic components due to the speed of production and the ability to produce identical products in high volume across a spectrum of precision requirements. 

Thermoplastic compounds are used in the moulding process as they become mouldable above a specific temperature and then return to a solid state when they cool. The thermoplastic compounds are melted in the moulding machine, injected into the mould and then cooled - solidifying into the final component part.

Injection moulding can be performed with a range of plastic materials but at Dugdale we focus solely on PVC. As a direct result of this, our knowledge in PVC thermoplastics is extensive. Rooted in decades of experience in a multitude of industries and across a wide range of applications, our team really do add value to our customers through optimising their injection PVC compound selection or development.

The benefits of using injection PVC are good insulation, hardness, flexibility, flame retardancy, dimensional stability and low cost. These factors make moulding PVC a perfect solution across a wide range of industries from medical products to wire covering.

We work with our customer base on selecting the correct PVC thermoplastic compound for their specific injection PVC moulding application. This may be from our standard range of PVC thermoplastic compounds, or through creating a bespoke moulding PVC compound to meet their specification - whether that be to support technical, commercial, performance or environmental requirements, challenges or targets.

Our team of PVC thermoplastic compound experts are always ready to discuss your moulding PVC project requirements, and this is just the start of the support that Dugdale can offer. Dugdale have an in-house pilot line which can produce sample batches of moulding PVC compound for you to test products - reducing time to market and project costs. We also have dedicated colour technicians and specialist equipment in-house to ensure that your PVC moulding compound is the exact colour you require not just within the batch but consistently from batch to batch.

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